28 November 2018 Thomas Lee   | News | Year 12  
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On Tuesday 30th October, Mr Lee took School Captain, Charles McLean, Vice-Captain, Michael Lopes and Year 12 student Muhammad Malik to the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Darling Harbour for the International Metropolis Conference 2018. The conference is the only annual international event dedicated to migration, diversity and integration. At the conference, panel members Bassam Maaliki, Year 10 HBHS, Mehak Bokhari, School Captain BGHS and Ansar Hussain, School Captain Holroyd HS discussed their own school’s and individual campaign’s in regards to multiculturalism and racism in the school community after being announced by ex-Bushy Boy Ibrahim Taha. After discussing the topics, the floor was opened to the floor to discuss as a group and ask questions to the panel members.

The Metropolitan conference was effective in creating new ideas that will positively contribute to our thoughts and influence our perspectives. Through shared platforms, new ideas emerged through the means of team spirit and collaboration. We were solely invested in what we learnt and how individuals that we personally saw on stage, brought something unique and distinct from one another. Unified in aims, unified with similarities, the Metropolitan conference widened our perspectives on how groups could be efficient in tackling issues, while each person had endured a journey different to another. Speakers from Iran , New Zealand and Germany, it was a pleasure to learn about each one’s story, a story that brought prosperity , a story that taught us lessons, a story that led to the creation of initiatives.

We strongly would like to personally credit honourable speakers that attended the event alongside ourselves, Bassam Maliki and Ibrahim Taha, students who embody the Homebush spirit and people who will leave a strong mark on Homebush’s legacy. We would also like to thank Mr Lee was volunteering his time to supervise us and be apart of this event. Finally, we would like to thank Fay Maliki for allowing us to attend and for the photos.

By Muhammad Malik, Year 12 Student & Michael Lopes, Vice-Captain