26 November 2018 Georgia Anton   | News | Whole School  
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On Saturday the 17th of November, I attended the Sydney Flight College Open Day at Bankstown Airport. I was greeted by a bunch of flight instructors upon entrance and shown around the venue. It consisted of a large office space and an open airfield with interior access to training aircraft as well as other aircraft owned by the college. There was also a free sausage sizzle which provided guests with a free lunch. I attended with my sister who acted as my personal photographer but she also helped me in obtaining information regarding courses and such.

The flight school could only be described as state-of-the-art with their own flight simulator and having previously flown at Soar Aviation in their Foxbat aircraft, I can confidently say my love for aviation has only since increased beyond a point I never thought it could.

I was allowed to hop in two of their planes and was also greeted to a 30 minute flight with an instructor to get a feel of the aircraft that I would be training in should I want to partake a pilot course with them in the future. One of my career goals is to obtain my commercial pilots license through a Diploma of Aviation and fly aircraft internationally and I feel as if the open day reinforced why I wanted to undertake this career path, as well as my love for planes.

I am going to be training at Sydney Flight College soon to attain my Recreational Pilots License followed by my private pilot’s license. This is one of the many requirements to obtain your commercial license and I am definitely excited to begin my journey as a pilot. I would also like to say a huge thanks to Ms. Anton for providing me with this opportunity.

Written by Bryan P Lam, Year 11