21 November 2018 Emily Yong   | News | Year 09   Year 10  
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On October 29th, 11 students attended the Sydney Story Factory in Parramatta (A. Hossaini, L. Goyal, N. Michael, D. Heng, V. Vinayagamoorthy, Y. Thayaparan, L. Yunus, D. Krisnapalan, G. Deepa Kumar, D. Q Mai and B. Maaliki). This writing workshop provided the opportunity for students to engage in writing poetry and explain what it means to be human. Each student worked with a volunteer and created several poems which were read aloud and recorded to accompany a video of each students’ face. Each of their poems have also been compiled into a booklet for each student to keep. The poems and video were honest and creative, making me very proud as a teacher at Homebush Boys High School. Thanks again to the Sydney Story Factory for making this possible. Below are some of their reflections of the day.
By Ms Yong

Last year’s November was me scooping ice-cream straight out of a two-litre box and watching ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ non-stop. How pathetic was that?

But this year started with a good note when our Sydney Story Excursion began. The newly erected centre in Parramatta beamed Tokyo-neon coolness. And because I was a hormonally instable 16-years-old kid, I was intrigued. Mr Short, our workshop’s facilitator welcomed us in. Not only so, the room was warmed with the help of a team of devoted volunteers (please remember me, Mr John in the green shirt that films professionally).

Funnily, the workshop was about writing poetry. So I glowed all day long. Say, like an IN-THE-FACE, HUMONGOUS SUN! The writing topic was ‘Being human is,’ Mr Short spoke cheerily, ‘And you guys will be filmed, reading your own poems. Really exciting, right?’

However, to conclude, the excursion was absolutely something to love. I loved it for the interactions that we’ve had, the kind-of-cheesy-but-not-too-much reading of our poems.

I want to say thank you to Ms Yong and Mr Beal, for having endured us all and contacted Sydney Factory to conduct this workshop. Thank you for spending your time and helping us have the journey! For all of the paperwork, you had to do. I say sorry and also thank you!
By Duy Quang Mai, Year 10

Sydney Story Factory was really fun and engaging. I wrote some really nice poems, thanks to the helpers who helped me out when I needed them. It was a fun experience overall.
By Danees Krishnapalan, Year 10

The day at Sydney Story Factory was very fun and it was a really good experience. On the day we learnt how to write a poem. I already knew how to write a poem but Mr Short and staff at the Sydney Story Factory made it easy for me. I had fun writing and recording my poem
By Vithu Vinayajamoorthy, Year 9

I give 5/5 stars because I was allowed to take photos. Thank you!
Lokman Yunus, Year 10