22 October 2018 Phirum Duch   | News | Year 12  
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There’s perhaps no better way to end the preliminary year than with the Prefect Camp. From the 23-25th of September, the newly elected Prefects of 2018-2019 were able to experience a well-developed leadership camp that was, to put simply, absolutely incredible. Our newly elected prefect body was fortunate enough to experience this incredibly educational and inspiring camp, which by the time we left, had a significant impact on each one of us.

Photos from the camp can be found on the School's Facebook Photo Section.

The camp was a great introduction into the task of maintaining a healthy school image and promoting the values of Homebush Boys to the community and beyond. We had accomplished this through a series of team building exercises that had challenged us at both individual and team levels. Throughout the course of the camp, it was prevalent that our prefect body was lacking in some team based areas. Camp coordinator, Ian Bradburn ‘Braddy’, helped us realise and work on our weaknesses while building a ‘Prefect Toolbox’ which had, by the time we completed the camp, displayed the various essential skills that we needed as a prefect body.

Although it was difficult and tricky at the beginning, every one of us asserted ourselves into roles that helped us utilise each member's leadership skills in different ways, thus helping us collectively improve. We were able to utilise our skillsets during the final activity in which we were given In this way, the Prefect Camp helped us identify how we work together as a team in solving problems while simultaneously giving us the opportunity to bond with one another. Prefect camp helped us identify that through unity, trust, support, teamwork, communication, courage and problem solving skills we can work together as an effective team while embodying Bushy Boy values, all of which will be applicable to our roles as Perfects.

Prefect camp was certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity that we all deeply cherish. We’d like to sincerely thank Mr Elgood for joining us on Sunday and Monday, Mr Abbou and Ms Duch for giving up their Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to watch over and mentor us, and the Optimum Experiences team, Braddy, Matt, Timbo, Raymond, all the staff and perhaps Roger too, for inviting and guiding us on this adventure of a lifetime. On behalf of the Prefects, we’d like to thank all students and staff who had voted us in to represent our school and allow us to attend this camp. I’d like to extend my thanks to all Prefects who had attended the camp to have made it such an unforgettable time. Best of luck to all future Prefect bodies who are yet to attend the camp, it is one that you will definitely hold dear to your heart.

Shahi Uddin
Senior Prefect - 2018/2019