19 October 2018 Phirum Duch   | News | Year 12  
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After a rigorous and stringent democratic election processes: written applications, interviews, speeches and preferential voting system, Homebush Boys High School has finally found 20 honourable, upstanding, young men to lead the school community as Prefects in 2018-2019.

On Tuesday 16th October 2018, these fine young men were inducted to lead the student body at Homebush Boy High School. I am confident that these wonderful and upright prefect body will further advance the good reputation of Homebush Boys High School through their positive and proactive actions and initiatives by upholding the team’s motto, “Keep HBHS Great!”

A big congratulation goes to:

  • School Captain: Charles McLEAN
  • School Vice-Captain: Michael LOPES
  • Senior Prefect: Shahi UDDIN
  • Prefects:
    • Patrick Anderson
    • Tobias Buckley
    • Daniel Galassi
    • Andy Georgiou
    • Peter Gock
    • Sumedha Habakkala Hewage
    • Maaz Iqbal
    • Calvin Iturra
    • Zachary Jones
    • Felix Knight
    • Kajan Kari Kumaralingam
    • Chris Kwon
    • Neeraj Mirashi
    • Oliver Nicholls
    • Jay Park
    • Panayioti (Peter) Vlahos
    • Reilly Winch. 


Induction Day Speech

Good morning parents, teachers, distinguished guests and the 2019 prefect body of Homebush Boys High School. My name is Charlie McLean and I have the immense honour of being able to call myself the School Captain for 2019. I think it’s well known that one doesn’t get to be standing where I am today without standing on the shoulders of so many people. I would not be standing up here today without the support of my family, my teachers, my peers and of course my fellow prefects just to name a few. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has guided me along the way and helped prepare me for taking on such an audacious role as this. I would now like to turn everyone’s attention to well myself, the two boys sitting behind me and the 17 boys sitting below me… where they belong. Think of the Avengers but less superpowers and more hair product. Over the last 5 years we have all come to form great bonds with one another and I know each and every member of this prefect body genuinely cares about the direction that this school is heading in. But of course a group of mates doesn’t just make an effective team – as we found out at prefect camp. No, an effective team requires organisation, courage, trust, adaptability, attention to detail and most importantly support. These are elements that our prefect body has in spades. I don’t know about you but when I look at these boys I feel an immense sense of excitement and confidence. Excitement because I know that there are so many things we will achieve and be able to look back on in the coming year and confidence because I’ve seen it in action. I’ve seen us operating as a formidable team on prefect camp: I’ve seen us work collectively to solve challenging problems, I’ve seen us support each other in trying to overcome personal fears and I’ve seen us howl like a pack of hyenas during an infamous rap battle between Patrick Anderson and Shahi Uddin.

This prefect body has the intelligence, the skill but most importantly they have the heart to instigate real progress at Homebush Boys High School. A school that I know we all love but a school that we all recognise can be better. Throughout my time as a member of the SRC, and I’m sure Michael and Shahi will agree with me here - while I’m proud of the initiatives we were involved in and the people we managed to help - I always felt that we didn’t manage to reach every member of the school. However, as a prefect body I believe we now have the necessary tools and wisdom to engage with the student body in a way that perhaps the teachers can’t. We are all very lucky to hold the positions that we do, and with that comes an immense responsibility and obligation to effect change – “with great power comes great responsibility” as I’m sure someone once said. Personally, one of the initiatives I’m most looking forward to this coming year is the “Tough Guise” program – in which the prefect body along with the SRC will help handle disputes between students hoping to circumvent the need for teachers to get involved. It is opportunities like these to genuinely improve the school environment that we must jump on as a prefect body.

In assigning this speech to me, Mrs Dutch told me it would be a good idea to speak about my goals for next year. I would love to stand here and tell you that we shall launch HBHS into one of the top 10 schools in the state, that under our administration we will be undefeated in all sports against Epping Boys or in short, that we are going to make Homebush great again. Of course, these are just arbitrary statements used to emphasise the fact that progress isn’t always easy to measure. However, if I was to have one goal it would be to leave the school in a better position than when we found it – where all students feel included and feel proud to wear the Homebush Boys uniform. For us as a team, I just want to be able to look back and be proud of our achievements as a prefect body – to say that in all aspects of our duties we represented the school with dignity, determination, respect and maybe if we find the time a little fun as well. It is my dream that one day people will reflect on the 2019 prefect body as if not the greatest of all time, certainly the most handsome. On a personal level, it will be my honour to lead this group of boys yet in saying this I know already that I’ll be needing them a lot more than they will be needing me. I stand here on the same spot as many great captains that have come before me. As a former SRC member, I have observed 5 magnificent captains who each brought something unique to the role. Living up to the standards they have set will be no easy feat however I know that with immense courage and determination I can get somewhere close. You may rightly ask what unique aspects I bring to the table as captain – well I’ll have you know that at age 5 my GP Dr. Quack proclaimed me as the only 5 year old he had ever seen to laugh during an immunisation needle. I don’t exactly know what relevance this has to my captaincy but it sure is a nice story. Well I think I’ve taken enough of your time today. To the parents, I want to say on behalf of all the boys that we are eternally grateful for everything you do for us and determined to make you proud. To the teachers, we won’t let you down and we apologise for the shameless vote hunting that occurred in the last few weeks of last term. To the prefect boys, let’s not stuff this up yeah? And finally, to the children of the world – have a great day.

Thank you.