30 July 2018 Peter Kelleher   | News | Whole School  
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The prefect body has been extremely busy this term, kicking off with our first meeting on Tuesday the 1st of May. Throughout the term, we have planned and undertaken many initiatives both within the school and abroad.

During the April school holidays, many prefects were involved in attending ANZAC services to remember and commemorate all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in wars, conflict and peacekeeping operations.

Alfred and I attended the Homebush ANZAC Service on Sunday the 22nd of April commemorative wreath, and the majority of the prefect body attended the Burwood RSL ANZAC Dawn Service on the 25th of April and laid a commemorative wreath at the Burwood War Memorial Arch.

Moreover, our school Captain Fawad Faheem, Vice-Captain Christopher Kadamani and Senior Prefect Ethan Tiah marched in the city with the Drum Corps. Thanks to all those prefects who sacrificed their time to represent Homebush Boys High School.

Our own prefect afternoon tea was held on Monday the 14th of May and was hugely successful. Prefects from Strathfield Girls, Burwood Girls, Ashfield Boys and several other schools attended. Focusing on the theme of ‘vision’, the afternoon was informative and entertaining thanks to the hard work and organisation from the prefect body, Ms Duch and Ms Shadwick. The Citizenship Ceremony Supper at Strathfield Council took place on Thursday the 31st of May. Adam Aaron, Jai Surti and myself attended the night, in which we greeted the guests, served food and drinks, and helped clean up after the event.

On Friday the 25th of May, Alfred Zhang, John Mubarik and myself attended the Indigenous Veterans Commemoration Service with Mr Burke at the ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park.

Throughout the term, the prefects continued to make it our mission to move throughout every homeroom during rollcall and have a brief discussion with the boys about bullying. The topics we touched on included the role of bystanders in preventing bullying, as well as our Safety, Learning and Respect matrix.

The prefects greatly contributed to multicultural day on Friday the 22nd of June. Some of the prefects did a fusion dance at the front of the assembly in conjunction with dancers from Strathfield Girls. Moreover, the prefect body helped out throughout the day in the kitchens and in setting up and running the food stalls throughout lunchtime. It was a great day and thank you to Ms Kumaralingam who made it all possible.

Overall, it was a very busy and productive term, and next term will be just as busy. Stay tuned for the prefect body’s new initiative next term, and I hope everybody has a restful and productive holiday in preparation for the trials.

Written by Peter Kelleher