01 August 2018 Catherine Lea   | News | Extra-Curricular   Whole School  
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In the the weeks leading up to our Multicultural Day festivities many boys got busy with their pens and entered a competition to produce the best poem to celebrate the wonderful diversity of our school community. The winners were presented with their prizes on the last day of term. They have proven that a skill with words not only lifts our spirits, but it can also bring tangible rewards! One hundred and thirty five dollars worth of prizes were distributed; there will be more opportunities for boys to exercise their pens for profit later in the year. Given the standard of entries for this competition the English department are in a frenzy of expectation about the next competition!

Congratulations to Eli Mansfield and William Knight who shared first prize. You can read their work, and see photos from the beautiful readings of the poems given on Multicultural Day. Congratulations to Darshan Neshabalan, Mohammed Hamza, Anargyros Kallos and Jay Silva who also won prizes. Many thanks to Avi Carleton and Billal Hassanzai for their beautiful readings on Multicultural Day.

The fact that three poets were awarded second place will give you a clear idea of the standard of the poems. The students not only used skills they had learnt in the classroom or from their own reading to create striking images or powerful rhythms, but they also drew on their genuine experience of harmony built from diversity here at Homebush Boys and placed it against the background of the struggle, conflict and hatred that does exist in the world. All who were with us at the assembly on Multicultural Day will attest that hearing readings from the poems, sometimes by the poet himself but also by classmates, was a moving and uplifting experience. I for one felt a great sense of hope for the future, knowing that our boys will make a positive difference to the world wherever they go in the future.

Photos from the Multicultural Day 2018 can be found on our School Facebook Page

Once a year by William Knight The Racist Man by Eli Mansfield
Once a year, we come together as one, The racist man puts his pen to paper.
To celebrate where we are from,  His task to write, a full-length poem for multicultural day.
Australia abounds with all kinds of people He wrote the first three lines,
Enriching our lives, with no equals but pen stopped like a car at a light.
  His brain was an old rusted machine, it worked no more.
We are lucky to live with people of all nations. The man had no idea what to write. If only he could know,
A country of happy co-operation. the great food we bring each other, the knowledge we share,
We dine on food from everywhere the cities and countries we've developed.
Under the Fig Tree we gather to share. If only he could know.
  Then his pen would dance on the paper,
With a BBQ sanger and a lamb kebab filing it with the colours of the wind.
Vegemite sandwiches, meat pies are fab If only he could know
Noodles, rice and curries are great then he would have 
Throw another prawn on my plate. filled the paper in less than a second.
People have come over the years  
Chased from their homes their eyes full of tears  
To build a new life in the lucky country  
Under the stars and the gum trees.  
We love this country, we are all so proud  
With our feet firmly on the ground  
We hold our heads high and sing with the rest  
Our glorious land, Australia is the best!