07 May 2018 Georgia Anton   | News | Extra-Curricular  
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On the weekend of 23rd, 24th and 25th of March, we got the immense pleasure to be a part of the NSW UN Youth Conference, joining forces with other 258 inspirational youths from every corner of New South Wales

The journey kicked off on the 23rd of March, departing from Homebush Boys' High School, we headed towards Collaroy Center, the place where the conference was held. As the bus stopped, we knew the incredible story ahead had just begun. After a while, we and all of the other delegates started to push it through and communicated with each other, friends were simply made. After Latifa Tapispale, the Conference's convener introduced us all to the welfare staffs, everything felt just like home. 

The introductory ice-breaking set of games went underway on the adjacent beach at about after 5:30pm. Dinner was served after the games had all ended, and of course, this was the best part as it gave us more chances to know about each other better. Then came the mock session when we reached the hall. With some light-hearted jokes and games, we did learn a lot about the vitality of being politically and socially aware of current global issues.

On the following day, we woke up at around 7am. At breakfast we enjoyed ourselves with the unbelievable amount of food put in front of us before we went off to our workshops. During the first workshop we played a couple of ice- breaker games and introduced each other and discussed about the different type of power each nation has. In the mix were a few amazing speakers answering questions from the delegates and discussing about power, diplomacy and influence around the globe. After dinner we put on our dancing shoes for the disco, in which the theme was “memes” to end the awesome day.

On the last day, we had our bags packed and we travelled to the University of Sydney to debate our preassigned resolution. We used our learning from the past two days about the decorum which was needed to be maintained in our committee as well as how to be diplomats. After many discussions and debates, as well as quite a few amendments we had our second resolution which was a impromptu resolution. This began another hour of debating but this time it was more perplexing and yet, intriguing as nobody had had any prior background information. The day had even more to offer, it was our guest speaker. He gave us a speech on the topic, “ If the whole world was one country and had a global parliament”. But the best and most awaited part was the General Assembly. In normal committees there were around 40 delegates but in the General Assembly each and every delegate was present and took part in the debate. Every story had an ending and so was the conference, all that we could remember was the sadness on every delegate's face after the General Assembly's conclusion.

That was it, the 3 unforgettable days of immersing ourselves into UN Youth Conference. We left more knowledgeable and with more friends. Knowing that we all now have a mission to fulfill in our lives, that is to always be in the ready state of being vocal on critical and worldwide issues that we're passionate about. This is because today, we are young people, but tomorrow, we will be the future leaders.

Lastly, we’d like to thank the school and in particular Mrs Anton and Mr Kennedy for their continual support.

Written by the delegates of 2018 NSW UN Youth Conference.