11 September 2017 Zaki, Ibrahim, Levi   | News | Year 12  
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It has been an absolute privilege representing Homebush Boys High School as the School Captain for 2017, along with my Vice Captain, Ibrahim Taha and my Senior Prefect, Levi Anderson Foster and the entire prefect body. Although we faced many challenges, our tireless hard work has seen us achieve our objectives and have a successful year.

The prefects worked co-operatively with the “Bushy Boy Awards” scheme led by Mr Elaro, to reward students who pick up ten pieces of litter. This has been successful so far, and we hope future prefect bodies will uphold this initiative. We spoke weekly at Friday assembly suggesting ways in which we as students could respect the local environment, teaching staff and our fellow “Bushy Boys”. Furthermore, we wanted to increase the level of community participation and involvement of students. Our “Kickball competition” initiative engaged year 7’s to compete with one another in kickball games during lunch times, which was administered by the prefects.

We also played an important role in supporting school events such as the Ramadan Iftar Night, serving food to guests and attending citizenship ceremonies throughout the year, welcoming our newest Australian citizens. One of the most significant events in our calendar year is by far, our annual Multicultural Day. With the magnificent help and encouragement of the SRC and the Interact Club we were able to ensure that our day of festivity was a complete success. One of the main events on the day was the dynamic fusion dance which saw the terrific combination of traditional songs and intense dance moves, performed by the Prefects and SRC representatives. It is important to highlight the tremendous work of both Mrs Kumaralingam and Mrs Singh with their persistent efforts during the lead up to Multicultural day and undoubtedly on the day. Moreover, we would like to thank our two dedicated dance instructors, Shankari Jeyaseelan and Alice Gabir as well as the boys who sacrificed their lunch times to learn the dance. Although we shared plenty of fun times we also maintained traditional duties like paying homage at Anzac ceremonies and Dawn services. We also had an objective of improving school relations. We held an Afternoon Tea here at the school to foster the development of friendships between schools, which will benefit our students in the future.

Our ultimate aim was to develop students into leaders and encourage all students to take up leadership roles. As prefects, we have continually encouraged many students to take initiative and participate in as many school events as possible. What we have seen is students ranging from year 7-12 actively volunteer and assist the prefects with many school events and this is a positive thing to witness. By participating in such events, students gain a sense of belonging and self worth, which is crucial to their development at high school. Above all, the prefects of 2017 have been proud to be part of the cohesiveness of the school with many of the senior students building relationships with the junior years, especially year 7s. You just need to go to the Western Grass at lunchtime and see the friendly game of ‘touch’ footy with all students. This is something that should continue, as it ensures all students, of every year group, support one another, which creates a unified learning environment. We as the leaders of the school hope this continues in the future.

Before we depart from our second home here at Homebush Boys High School, the prefect body would like to acknowledge the remarkable work of the teaching staff for assisting the whole of year 12 in our final year and we thank you all for understanding while we were carrying out our duties. We are extremely confident that the future prefect bodies will continue to build on our achievements so far. All prefects willingly participated in many events and fundraisers for the school, and in doing so, upheld the reputation of our school within the community.

On behalf of the whole prefect body, we would like to thank Ms De Michel for all her guidance and support throughout the year as the best Prefect co-ordinator.

2017 Prefects signing off!

By Zaki Ousmand (School Captain)

     Ibrahim Taha (Vice Captain)

     Levi Anderson Foster (Senior Prefect)