05 September 2017 Abderrahim Abbou   | News | Year 09  
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Elective Subject Selection for 2018
A parent/guardian and student information evening and a year 8 assembly were held in the School Hall respectively on Thursday 24th of August 2017 and Tuesday 29th of August 2017 to clarify the process and help students to make their decisions. The decision needs to be made by the student’s entire family as they will all be affected by the decision.

What does it mean at Homebush Boys High School?

Students entering Stage 5 (Year 9 and 10) of their schooling are beginning a two-year course of study which leads to the award of the Record of School Achievement (ROSA). Students will undertake a combination of compulsory (core) subjects and elective subjects in Stage 5.

Core - Compulsory Subjects

All students must meet the course objectives in each of the following courses:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Australian History
  • Australian Geography
  • Personal Development Health Physical Education (PDHPE)

Elective Subjects

  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Chinese for Background Speakers (CBS)
  • Chinese for Non-Background Speakers (CNBS)
  • Commerce
  • Drama
  • Food & technology
  • French
  • Global Issues (Geography Elective)
  • Graphic Technology
  • Industrial Technology Electronics
  • Industrial Technology Engineering & Metals
  • Industrial Technology Timber
  • Information & Software Technology (IST)
  • Japanese
  • Korean for Background Speakers (KBS)
  • Korean for Non-Background Speakers (KBNS)
  • Military History (History Elective)
  • Music
  • Photography/Digital Media
  • Physical Activity & Sports Studies
  • Visual Arts

Students need to fill the online form and submit their three preferences. We will endeavour to allocate you to the elective class that meet your first two preferences but we cannot guarantee that all classes will be viable to form in 2018. We will consult with any student who is required to make a further choice.

What will influence your choice of subjects?

  • Abilities – choose subjects in which you are capable of doing well.
  • Interests – choose subjects which interest you.
  • Motivation – choose subject areas which you want to study and will enjoy.

Fees and contributions

It is important to be aware that many elective subjects incur a materials cost to cover the expenditure on equipment and other consumable items specifically used by student in the activities undertaken in these courses. These fees are compulsory. All students have the option of choosing subjects without subject material fees. A copy of the fees schedules for Year 9 and Year 10 are mentioned in the elective subject descriptions booklet handed.

When can you make your selection?

On Thursday the seventh of September at 6:00 pm the students will receive an email from the Subject Selection Coordinator Mr. Abbou. You will need to follow the link included in your email to be able to fill the online form and submit your choices. Students need to have their DET login details and access to a computer with internet. Do not forget to print your form before you submit and get it signed by your parents and hand it to Mr. Abbou in the Mathematics staffroom.
All students need to submit their selections by Sunday the tenth of September at 21:00 pm.