25 August 2017 Rashmi Singh   | News | Community  
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The Exodus Foundation at Ashfield, is an organisation that meets the needs of Sydney’s poor and homeless by connecting each guest with the professional services they need to break their cycle of poverty. Their mission is to be a provider of food, primary health care and crisis support to Sydney’s homeless and aim to deliver services to the highest possible standard. Their generous and benevolent activities are supported by communities in the form of donations, volunteering and strategic partnerships.

During term two, the SRC spoke to the school about helping this foundation. Throughout the remainder of the term, students began to provide food cans to give as donations to the organisation. Each assembly, students were also urged to donate a few dollars.

On the 7th of August, some SRC representatives visited the Exodus foundation centre In Ashfield to donate what our school had provided.  We were greeted by Mr. Steve Clarke at the door and he gave a tour of the center. Inside, there were volunteers cooking fresh meals to provide for the homeless population of Sydney. It is estimated that they provide 350 fresh nutritious meals every day. It was estimated that we gave over 200 hundred cans of food and $1055 as a donation. Students also went inside the centre.

If anybody would like to help volunteer, please see Ms Singh in the Maths staffroom.