15 August 2017 Amir Sari   | News | Sports  
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On the 15th June my team and I (accompanied by Mr Howard and Ms Hankinson) played goalball.

Goalball is a sport that is played in the Paralympics by players who can’t see. It can also be played by many people such as people who don’t have any issues in their body or people who just like to play. It is a worldwide sport for many countries and many people to enjoy.

We drove to netball central at Sydney Olympic park to play goalball against schools across NSW.

The players that participated were:

  • Lachlan Ming
  • Eibad Shariat
  • Zain Ousmand

We enjoyed every second of the game and the new players got to know the game pretty fast.

We had two games, first one ended with a score of 6 – 4 we lost, the second one ended with a score of 6 – 2 we won.

We hope to play and represent Homebush next year.

By Amir Sari