11 August 2017 Effie Bonis   | News | Year 07  
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Last term 7A completed a wonderful, enriching unit of work written by Ms Yong and delivered by Ms Bonis on “Heroes”. The objective was to expand understanding of the concept of heroes and apply this to real life contexts. The unit explored what it means to be a hero through the film medium, with close analysis of the film Zootopia. Students analysed the filmic features, but also went beyond this examining a range of heroes through history and in our everyday lives. This culminated in the appreciation of how we can all advocate for change in our worlds.

The assignment was further differentiated by Ms Bonis for 7A to address the wide range of learning styles and interests of the class. Students were given scope for critical and creative thinking through Project Based Learning (PBL). A selection of outstanding student work included Eli Mansfield’s presentation on how he can help make a better world and be heroic every day. Benjamin Lian also completed a fabulous animoto on this. Alve Rayan designed a working model of a utopia which centres on environmental sustainability, demonstrating how solar, wind and water could better be used for our never-ending power demands. William Knight researched Sir John Monash and his heroic traits in his video, whilst others researched historical heroes like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, focusing on what made these figures admirable. Pupils submitted fabulous posters where they designed their vision of utopia. Students delivered inspiring speeches, broadcast news reports and wrote film reviews and interviews. The entire class should be commended on their fine efforts.

It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Ms Yong and to teach such a fantastic group of motivated and clever young men. The future looks bright!

Ms Bonis


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