25 July 2017 Iqbal Singh   | News | Year 12  
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On Friday the 16th June, 2017, thirteen students from Year 12 chemistry class took part in the prestigious RACI Titration Competition held at University of Sydney. Ms Catalano, the teacher in-charge prepared these students for the competition and had put in a huge effort working even after school hours.

There were 32 teams from 12 different schools in Sydney who took part in this competition. I can say this with great pride that Homebush Boys High School secured 6th position in the competition.

Huge congratulations to all the participants and Ms Catalano. We are certainly looking forward to our continued participation next year as well.

The participants were:

  • Subbiah Durai Sundran
  • Divik Nigam
  • Wilfred Knight
  • Sumon Majumder
  • Delin Kong
  • Umamenan Kannathasan
  • Waqas Ali Khan
  • Pratik Mishra
  • Srihari Nair
  • Utithkowtham Singarayar
  • Denis Mulya
  • Kevin Wang