31 July 2017 Anna Paleothodoros   | News | Whole School  
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Commencing Term 3 2017 Homebush Boys High School is introducing a Technology Policy to provide students, staff and parents with clear guidelines regarding the safe and appropriate use of technology at School.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is now a compulsory policy at Homebush Boys High School. All students are required to bring their devices charged and ready for use every day. The primary purpose is to assist the teaching and learning of our students and better prepare them for the paperless workplace and society of the twenty first century, into which they will enter upon leaving school. Other reasons are the economic savings, allowing funds to be diverted to better use, and environmental sustainability. Further information on device requirements is available in the BYOD Policy.

Mobile phones and other non-educational electronic devices are restricted in all classrooms, the library, school buildings and school assemblies, unless use is explicitly directed by the teacher for educational purposes only. The purpose is to prevent disruption to learning, protect student privacy, avoid issues of cyber bullying and promote healthy patterns of use.

There will be zero tolerance for breaches of the policy in regard to the use of mobile phones and non-educational devices. The consequences will be:

  1. First offence - teacher warning
  2. Second offence - confiscation of the device for the lesson
  3. Third offence - confiscation of device for the lesson, Head Teacher referral and implementation of HBHS Disciplinary Policy.

If parents need to contact a student due to an emergency this should be done by contracting the school on (02) 97643611. If there is an emergency with a student, the school will notify the parent/carer.

Students are responsible for the devices they bring and use at Homebush Boys High School. The School is not liable for personal devices that are broken, lost or stolen while travelling to or from school, within the school, during sport or during school-sponsored activities.

Please refer to the Technology Policy for further details.

Thank you for the ongoing support, as we work together to achieve the best educational outcomes for our students.