14 June 2017 Manjeet Kaur   | News | Year 08  
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On Thursday 25th May, 8A, 8B, 7A and 7B Maths classes attended Inquisitive Minds’ workshop in the hall. Inquisitive Minds’s partners with MANSW (The Mathematical Association of NSW) to challenge students via workshops which incorporate hands on lessons, activities and competitions. These workshops are designed to improve student’s attitude and performance in Mathematics. It helps students to think “outside the box”. The workshop presented the students with a fantastic variety of mathematical challenges which kept them engaged and motivated throughout.



A students experience:    

I walked into the hall feeling excited, anxious and ready, I knew as soon as I walked in obstacles in questions would surround me. We were asked to choose partners and I chose my friend we sat down and intriguingly found that for completing several questions in rapid succession would reward us with some candy, and also that when we completed against others in a later challenge we had a chance to win a chocolate bar of our choice. As the challenges started I was very nervous and my body started to tingle but as I settled in I found that it actually got easier and most of the questions I would have had trouble with now I blitzed. As inquisitive minds came to an end I felt that it was actually better than I thought it would be and I left with a smile gleaming wide on my face as a talked with my friends and compared our end candy for what we got throughout the challenges.

Overall this experience was challenging and i felt that it was a good addition to my day.

Andrew King Year 7A