05 June 2017 Nathan Au   | News | Year 10  
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During Term 1, a group of Homebush Boy High School Year 10 students consisted of Patrick Anderson, Nathan Au, Bryan Dao, Justin Thai, Victor Lam, Eric Su, Jay Klaithin and Joshua Ung travelled to Kirribilli Neighbourhood centre at Milsons Point to work at a café as a part of Youth Taster Program, connected with TAFE.

When we arrived we would be split into 2 teams. One which worked in the kitchen and the other that did drinks or serving the public. During the end of the day we would help pack up and get everything ready for the next set of students to arrive on Tuesday.

During the course we were challenged to do various tasks that are applicable to working in a normal café. Such tasks included working as a waiter, cooking in the kitchen to prepare food and putting our barista skills into practice by making many hot beverages.  

Our experiences with these tasks strongly contributed to the development of our personal values such as working in a team but also taking initiatives independently and having a strong team focus. 

The supervisors, Aimee and Petri, helped teach us many valuable skills that can help benefit us later on in gaining employment. All of the boys enjoyed the experience and we would gladly sign up for it again as well as highly recommending this course for future students. We are really appreciative of this opportunity and we’d like to thank Mrs Anton for getting us into this wonderful course.

Written by Nathan Au