07 June 2017 Ben & Calvin   | News | Sports  
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On the 19th of May, 11 passionate volunteers from Homebush Boys High School went to the St Annes Athletics Carnival at Campbell Oval. We ran several activities and events for the students of St Annes that involved: chicken races, basketball and skipping games, mini hurdles, shotput, tunnel ball and relays. We gained strong leadership, communication and management skills. The experience enriched our outlook into our local community and enhanced the opportunity for us to network with the local schools in the area.  This event gave us the opportunity to partake in a fun day with the students of St Annes. We encouraged, motivated and inspired the students to get involved with the activities and to try their hardest.

The passionate volunteers were:

  • Chris Kwon
  • Ben Jorgensen
  • Calvin Iturra
  • Michael Lopes
  • Charlie Mclean
  • Jay Park
  • Peter Vlahos
  • Neeraj Mirashi
  • Nathan Au
  • Zac Jones
  • Peter Gock

We’d like to thank Mrs Anton for this fabulous opportunity and would like to encourage more students to do Volunteering.