05 August 2013   | News | Staff  
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On-going professional learning, at Homebush Boys High School, is essential in ensuring that staff is provided with current information, developments and future educational direction.  Complementing this, is the teaching and learning process, staff commitment to life-long learning and most importantly, the continual need for further skills development and improvement.  As a school we recognise, value and support the need for opportunities for all staff to be professional committed learners in an on-going manner. 

In order for this to become a reality, it is essential that opportunities, both in formal and informal professional development activities, be made available.  This will ensure that staff, of all levels, develop, share knowledge and expertise, continue their engagement in professional development dialogue and be united in their work towards common teaching and learning goals.

All teaching staff at Homebush Boys High School has been involved in extensive professional learning activities conducted as part of the school’s formal Professional Learning Strategy.  The school is active in developing the capacity of staff through professional learning programs.  One such program is School Development Days, organised and conducted throughout the year.

School Development Days are used as forums to develop staff knowledge, calibre and capacity in the areas of school priorities, teacher performance and student engagement.  Teacher and school leader capacity is built to support the learning needs of students. 

School Development Day 3 this year focused on curriculum differentiation.  Staff engaged in workshops that examined facets of curriculum programming, lesson planning, informal and formal assessment task differentiation, and curriculum differentiation for gifted and talented, learning support and culturally diverse students.  Complementing this was our continued staff training of the TELL Program. 

Homebush Boys High School allows staff varied opportunities to grow professionally.  These varied opportunities give staff the time to further develop their teaching and learning practices, engage in reflection and professional dialogue both with colleagues and individually, develop leadership capacity, and trial new and innovative teaching strategies. 

Support climates are also built for staff professional learning by providing opportunities to participate in and attend professional learning activities, meetings and community partnerships.  Through the completion of professional learning plans and accountability processes, staff strengths and weakness are catered for.  Relevant resources are provided to support staff, ensuring professional learning capacity building.  Staff is focused on improving their own professional learning.  As a result, they display a willingness to share their professional knowledge and expertise with others.

Thank you to all staff involved in the School Development Day organisation, participation, and workshop leadership.