09 May 2017 Ben & Shahi   | News | Extra-Curricular  
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On the 17th -19th of March 2017, more than 200 students from across the state, met at The Collaroy Centre and took part in a global conversation. We learnt about leadership, diplomacy and advocacy that connected with issues that challenged the leaders of today and shape our national discourse. Most importantly we built friendships with a diverse array of students from all around NSW and become inspired to deliver change in our local communities, and eventually the world.

After school on Friday the 17th of March, 11 Homebush boys’ students travelled north to the Collaroy Centre where they spent the next two days in intensive workshops and on the final day a 4 hour debate on world issues that the UN faces daily at the University of Sydney Law School.

After arriving from an exhaustive two hour bus trip, at the Collaroy centre we mingled with the other delegates and then went for dinner on the beach. After dinner we had a few icebreaker questions and then a few games. After which we were then exposed to a mock UN debate and then broke off into our cabins for the night.

Being at the mess hall at 7:30 sharp for breakfast we enjoyed ourselves to an unlimited amount of food in preparation for the long day ahead of us. We started the day productively with a workshop on voicing our opinions on world issues regarding multiculturalism in a world of change.

We then watched a heartfelt documentary (Salam Neighbour) on the refugee crisis in Syria in relation to the refugee camps which was followed by a professional speaker’s panel that gave us insight into their views and perspectives. This was followed by another workshop that focused on direct issues of multiculturalism in Australia and our perspective on those. The highlight of the day was the IPS (interactive problem solving) where a crisis was unfolding in real time. We were assigned a group and had to role play as an assigned group whilst attempting to reach objectives of those groups. After a delicious roast we suited up for the superhero themed disco.
On the final day, we were taken to The University of Sydney Law School, where we broke off into our specific committees to debate contemporary United Nations resolutions. We spent two hours on the first debate, passing notes, and getting co signatures to get amendments approved. Following this we then divided into 2 large groups to debate in a Mock UN general assembly on the issue of the Middle Eastern refugee crisis and the drafted UN resolution for this.

This was an enriching experience that developed our leadership, diplomacy and advocacy skills. We had an experience that we all cherish, making great friendships and memories. We recommend this experience to all those interested in current world issues as a country ambassador at the UN. We’d like to thank Mrs Anton and Mr Kennedy for their support.

Ben Jorgensen
Shahi Uddin