03 May 2017 Judith Edwards   | News | Whole School  
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Once again, Mother's Day approaches! The annual HBHS Mother's Day Stall features hand-assembled Swarovski crystal and sterling silver jewellery. There are many colours available, drop a hint your son now! The prices have been kept low for many years and this year's stall will still have 2010 prices. The stall is run not only to help the HBHS students find a unique gift for their caregivers, but to support the school's Literacy Fund (all profits go right back to the school to purchase items for the Speed Reading Program!).

What: Genuine Swarovski Crystals & Sterling Silver

  • Earrings: $8 - $10
  • Bracelets: $15 - $18
  • Pendants: $8
  • Sterling Neck Chains: $10

When: Week 3, Thursday & Friday - All Lunch
Where: Near the Arches