05 April 2017 William & Pritiv   | News | Year 10  
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On Friday, the 17th of March, a group of Year10 students from Homebush Boys High School went to Chatswood High School for the Discovering Engineering course, organised by Engineers Australia. We met up at Strathfield Train station at 7am and caught the 7:20 train to Chatswood, we arrived at approximately 8:00 and we departed the train station for Chatswood High School at around 8:30 and we were guided by a student from Chatswood High School.

Upon arrival at the school, we collected our name tags and waited for the rest of our group. Around 9:10, the former president of Engineers Australia welcomed all the schools to the event. Followed by a speech from the current president Engineers Australia as well as a rousing speech by the Principal of Chatswood High School. After the welcome we were given morning tea.

After morning tea we were sent off to activities placed around the school, our school was in the red group, which is one of 5 groups that rotated across 5 activities which represents different aspects of engineering. The activities were as followed and in the following order: F1 Racing, Paper Tower, The Biomedical challenge (where we got lost), Sun sprint racing, And finally we talked to representatives from a range of universities where we were given information on a range of engineering courses offered by their universities. After the activities we were given a period of 40 minutes to have lunch which was provided by the school.

After Lunch we returned to the hall where we were given speeches from 5 different Engineers, 2 students studying Engineering, as well as 3 Senior Engineers that are currently in the workforce,(One of them even plays Warhammer 40k (*^▽^*) ). With the conclusion of the event we watch a video by Engineers Australia on how engineering affects our everyday lives and the day went really smoothly giving us a great indication of what it would be like to be an Engineer. We’d also like to thank Mrs Anton for providing us with this opportunity.

Writen by: William Ma, Pritiv Deepak Raj
Edited by: Jia Huang and Darshan Neshabalan