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On Tuesday 14th February Homebush Boys held the 72nd annual swimming carnival at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. It was an early morning start with students filling in the seats in the Aquatic Centre according to their houses. The seating was filled with a sea of house colours: Hayes (red), Vaughan (blue), Greening (green) and Howe (yellow). The competitive swimmers were warming up with stretches while the many spectators were finding seats and making themselves comfortable. The races kicked off and the whistles were blown. Every swimming lane was accompanied by volunteers in year 11 who were the timers. Teachers were scattered everywhere to ensure the smooth running of the event. As part of the year 12 tradition of “dressing up” to carnivals, there were a few highlights, in particular, a costume of Donald Trump which received some attention and Teletubbies.

The races were competitive and fun with long distance swims as well the 50 metre freestyle blue ribbon swim. Students who received ribbons wore them proudly, even standing up on the podium and photographs were taken professionally by Mr Letsios. The relay swimming races at the end attracted the attention of everyone in the grandstand including parents, many screaming and cheering for their houses.

Click here for the photos from the 2017 Swimming Carnival.

The final standings for the carnival and age champions were:

House champions:

1st - Hayes
2nd -Greening
3rd - Vaughan
4th - Howe

Age champions:

12 years - Jad Chamas
13 years - Joshua Chong
14 years - Loklan Duong
15 years - James Oh
16 years - Mang Ung
17+ years - Liam Murray

Overall, it was a fun and enjoyable event with hardworking teachers ensuring the day ran smoothly.


Written By

Ibrahim Taha
School Vice-Captain