10 March 2017 Abbou Abderrahim   | News | Year 11  
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Work Ready Program Reminder

Tuesday 14th March 2017 all Year 11 VET students period 2 to period 4.

The program is targeting all year 11 Vet students. It is a compulsory program. The students will develop all skills needed in the workplace, as they are having their work experience in different companies and organisations. This will enable them to be work ready and thrive whilst they are on their work placement. Any student who is absent on that day must report to Mrs Anton or Mr.Abbou for a catch-up session.

You will be familiarised with all of the paperwork essential to complete the VET course/s that you are enrolled in. You will receive a VET Pack which will have all of the necessary documents for you. In order to enroll in your courses you will need to create your USI (Unique Student Identifier). If you are a Domestic Student you will need to bring on that day one of the following forms of ID:

  • Australian Passport
  • Australian Birth Certificate
  • Medicare Card
  • Driver license

If you are an international student you will need one of the following forms of ID:

  • Passport with (Australian Visa)
  • Medicare Card 

You will need earphones as you are completing an online course on that day.

Please contact Mr. Abbou or Mrs. Anton for any further information.