04 February 2013 Super User   | News | Year 10  
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Mr Jonothon Sculthorpe, Head Teacher PE, leads a fabulous group of year 10 pioneers on the World Challenge. This intrepid group of students is comprised of Lukas Sorensen, Deren Mehmet, Laclan Mackintosh, Bilal El-Sayed, Alexander Flinn, Po-Shen Wang and Songlin Wu and they are flying off to Malaysia to trek in the mountains for one month. These students will live and work in the remote villages seeing and experiencing life as few of their mates could ever dream of doing. The group will be travelling with World Challengers from Bateman’s Bay High and North Lakes Senior Campus.

The school congratulates these excellent students and sincerely thanks Mr Sculthorpe for giving their shool holidays over to such a wonderful experience. They arrive back to Sydney on 26 January (Australia Day!).

Learn more about the World Challenge at www.worldchallenge.com.au/