12 December 2016 Prakash Innasi   | News | Extra-Curricular  
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ABW is a leading developer of business simulations for schools, tertiary institutions and the corporate sector. This program is being organised collaboratively every year between Homebush Boys High and the Strathfield Girls High School. This year, 52 boys from Homebush Boys High School participated and worked along with girls as a team. A total number about 230 students both girls and boys have participated and they were divided into 26 groups. ABW programs incorporate computer simulated business environments. In the safety of the virtual world, participants assume management roles in businesses and make decisions that affect business performance. Each group had to decide their General Manager and Managers for Operations, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources. Students have worked on the theme “Hospitality” and they learn to run a virtual hotel. It is amazing to see that our students have intesely engaged with their work the whole week and made so many invaluable decisions in relation to the issue of shares, dividend, assets, liabilities and so many other skills necessary to run a business as an entrepreneur. In addition to being savy business people, our boys have developed various 21st century learning skills such as communication, problem solving, analytical, teamwork and time management. These skills will allow the students to achieve academic success in their HSC as well as physical, social and psychological development.

ABW programs replace the regular curriculum for a one week period, allowing students to immerse themselves in the virtual business world. It offered students experimental learning rather than a lecture inside the classroom. Students have gained insight of business experience, importance of team work and a sense of responsibility, exercising decision making skills, and boosting confidence. It’s also an exciting and fun learning experience and a break from the routine of the typical school week. Students have to work on Company report, Commercial video and Trade display. Students were able to participate effectively in corporate games conducted by Mr. Sculthorpe and his team. Teachers from our school have also worked along with students as their mentors guiding them and providing the right direction throughout. Ms.Phirum De Michiel was the teacher in charge who was ably assisted by Prakash Innasi, Nagesh Madakasira, Michelle Coutino, Arun Aurndavaraja and Lydia Alexander. On the last day, John Kennedy, Georgia Anton and Rita Zammit have helped to judge the trade display and the hard work demonstrated by each group. Students and teachers provided a fantastic positive feedback on this program.