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23 July 2013 Tim Jurd   | News | Sports  
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Mega Swim TeamI cannot thank these young people enough. On Saturday 21 June at 12 noon 14 wonderful humans started to swim and continued (on and off) to swim for 24 hours until 12 noon on Sunday. They were part of the Bushy Boys, a team consisting of students, ex-students, staff and friends of Homebush Boys High. They swam a combined 107 km and raised thus far $2465. Please congratulate them when you see them but better still, follow the link below and donate like so many friends, staff and family have done already.

The Bushy Boys are: Arjun Kumar 12, Ayman Hill 12, Dane Kennedy 11(left), Jay Houhlias 9, Jon Sculthorpe staff, Nathan Sculthorpe brother, Peter Totidis 12, Rowan Castro 12, Sarah Harnwell friend, Serge Houhlias 12, Stefano Totidis 10, Steven Lee 12, Troy Racklyeft (Old Boy Swim Champ on honour board) and Vincent Nguyen 9.

Mega Swim Team Donations

Our Generous Sponsors

Sponsor Amount Message
Serge Houhlias $50.00  
Jay Houhlias $50.00  
Steven Lee $25.00  
Coleen $25.00 A worthy cause, a worthy swimmer, well done Jay
Coleen $25.00 A worthy cause, a worthy swimmer, well done Serge
Morris Mob $25.00 Best of luck!
Morris Mob $25.00 Best of luck!
peter totidis $25.00  
Anonymous $10.00  
Anonymous $10.00  
Fiona Davies $25.00  
Fiona Davies $25.00  
Jon Sculthorpe $120.00  
Hubble $25.00 Do you Dad proud boys!
Ross Coggan $25.00  
Ross Coggan $25.00  
David Baxter $60.00  
Linda Tarasenko Monro $20.00 Have a great swim!
Linda Tarasenko Monro $15.00 Enjoy the Mega Swim!
Ramana Kirubagaran $25.00 Awesome work! Maybe I should bring my scuba gear and cheer you on underwater :D
Susan Doenau $120.00  
Agatha Khamis $25.00  
Agatha Khamis $25.00  
The Harley's' $100.00 Good luck Pete with the fundraising
Anonymous $60.00  
Tracy Burjan $25.00 Go Dane, Jay and Serge!!! You guys are the Best!
Vicki Jones $25.00 Well done Dane you are a star Good luck
Lyn Tran $25.00 Good on you Dane.
Northern Sports Physiotherapy Clinic $100.00 Go for it Petal. Do your workplace proud.
Ms Kyung-ae Yu $25.00 You can do it!!
The Fonsecas $100.00 Go Uncle Nathan!
Bob and cookie $50.00 We will give you another $50 if you swim at least 500m in ladies swimwear
Tim Jurd $120.00 Sorry I am not there to join you. 24 hours swimming! Fantastic effort.
Joey $100.00 Go Scully!
Joe Moore $100.00 $200 if you can do it and not get wet
Mrs Gilchrist $50.00 Forza Steven!
Mrs Gilchrist $50.00 Forza Rowan!
Anonymous $150.00  
Matthias Moore $60.00 I hoep my freind Nathan goes really really fasts and beats up all teh other swummers in the pool
Cheryl & Ross Miller $25.00 Good luck team
David Taylor $40.00 Good luck mate.. Great cause and great effort
Bosto $25.00 One more lap mate. Good on you mate!
Reet $50.00 Lap it up mate!
Angela :o) $120.00 Go Scully!
Wilson Family $25.00 Well Done team Bushy Boys. A Big Effort
South Coast Midwife $50.00 Well done Sculy & co
Erin peterson $60.00 Go Scully and Co. Xx
Helen Ryan $25.00 Well done Nathan.
Zac the rat $20.00 Jay - You can't even hold your breathe for 5 seconds how can you even swim a lap
You brother's good mate $20.00 Jay is going to smash you for number of laps swum
Kings family $60.00 Well done mate. Have been looking for u on the tv. Havnt seen u yet. (Today show when they cross for the weather)
Laura Donohue $50.00 Well done!!!
Online Total $2,245.00
Offline Total $0.00
Personal Donations $270.00
Total $2,515.00