30 November 2016 Geoffery Spotswood   | News | Sports  
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Homebush Boys completed a highly successful rugby season by winning the 15 Years Division of the Endeavour sevens Championships. Homebush entered 13 and 15 Years teams which were held at Foreshore Park, Sylvania.

15 Years Champions
Mr. Khurshed capped an outstanding coaching career with a dominating display, going through undefeated and beating De La Salle seven tries to one in the final. The team displayed high skill level, athleticism and game awareness but it was the ‘Khurshed’ experience which moulded the team into such a formidable outfit.

The team comprised mostly 14 year olds with the boys rising to the occasion and conquered all before them ‘Upright and Strong.”

The ‘two bookends’ Mohamad Ghonein and Rabi Chami were a brickwall at the breakdown and provided the foundation for Ben Kain and Abdulrahman Kumara to use their speed and agility to attach at will. The team only had two tries scored against them with all members contributing to a memorable experience.


  • Rabi Chami
  • Mohamad Ghoneim
  • Hadi Kakil
  • Ben Cain
  • Imad Kaddour
  • Mohamad Allam
  • Tarek Bardouh
  • Zaceria Saker
  • Mike Mansfield
  • Abdulrahman Kumara
  • Noah Trad
  • Dean Eleche
  • Cooper Vatai
  • Ahmad El-Koudssi
  • Adam E-Helou

13 Years Finalists
The 13 Years team reached the final and semifinal in the two Championships contested recently on 4 & 15 November. The boys have developed their rugby this season with training twice a week before school, at lunchtimes and the Viva 7’s touch competition held on Friday lunchtimes in Term 4.
Special mention to Issa Issa, Year 7 who played strongly until he fractured his arm. Issa was in pain but showed true ‘Bushy’ spirit by bravely cheering on his teammates whilst awaiting transport to hospital.

Thanks to Mr. Sculthorpe and Mr. Hryce for their dedication, support and encouragement this season and their willingness to build a positive culture at Homebush Boys High School.

Rugby is alive and well at Homebush with plans to expand the opportunities for boys in 2017.

  • Ben Cirikyasawa
  • Laithe Sabha
  • Kapeliele Fusi
  • Vinujan Vijayathas
  • Yusuf Shand
  • Tarek Tabbah
  • Jihad Tabbah
  • Zane Bardouh
  • Ari Kordy
  • Issa Issa
  • Mark Seo
  • Jodie Vula
  • Emre Gundogaal
  • Caleb Rinakama
  • Mahdi Khalil
  • JP Pene
  • Adam Zreika
  • Onur Sakiak