14 November 2016 Dylan Kennerson   | News | Year 12  
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On the 26th October, the students studying Advanced English, along with Ms Ball, Ms Bonis, Ms Yong, Ms Hasham and Ms Lea, were lucky enough to attend the Bell Shakespeare’s production of “Othello” at the Playhouse Theatre, The Sydney Opera House.

It was a pleasant evening which allowed both students and teachers alike to experience a live performance of the play that had been studied in class over the last few months. While reading “Othello” enabled students to get into the minds of the characters; being able to see a live performance was a unique experience that allowed for an entirely new level of understanding and interpretation. We gained an appreciation for production, performance and design decisions, such as costuming and lighting.

Overall the night was insightful as we were able to compare and contrast the various representations of the characters and themes of the play. Whilst the quality of the production was debated between students and teachers, being able to see the performance live was extremely valuable as it allowed students to feel the energy, atmosphere and drama of the play in real time, immersing us into the world of the play.