07 November 2016 Khushal Dogra   | News | Year 10  
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On Thursday the 27th of October, a group of HBHS students, Justin Yuen, Siddharth Satyavolu, Keegan Wong, Victor Tang, Shamik Patel, Alfred Zhang, Leon Salsiccia, Sreekanth Didugu, Pranavan Thiruchenthilrajan, Khushal Dogra, Nicholas Li and Dylan Tran went to UNSW University to attend the High School Information Day for Engineering.

The coordinator of the event and university students gave us a warm welcome. The coordinator briefly discussed the major role of Engineering in our society whilst outlining the schedule for the day. After this introduction we were sent off to our first Engineering workshop which gave us an insight to a specific field of Engineering.

My first workshop focused on Chemical Engineering. The Chemical Engineering staff gave us a quick introduction, thereafter taking us to the laboratory to perform some fun experiments using food. Some of the experiments we performed included making ice cream from its basic ingredients and lighting a LED with the use of lemons. I was lucky enough to win a portable charger for my efforts in lighting a LED with the use of lemons.

After our first workshop, we were given a recess break. Thereafter, I went to my second workshop at the Electrical Engineering faculty. The professors at the faculty discussed amazing student-led projects including the construction of a Mars Rover! We also got to ride a student-made Segway around the faculty.

We were then given a lunch break before our final workshop. My final workshop was at the Civil Engineering faculty where we learnt about the several real-life applications of Civil Engineering. Then we were asked to construct a 30cm bridge from pieces of thin strips of wood, nails and string. The bridge was then made to withstand increasing weights before it broke.

The Engineering High School Information day at UNSW revealed the several fields of Engineering offered at UNSW. This day gave us a valuable insight to the broad world of Engineering, presenting itself as a possible career path for all of us. Special thanks to Mrs Anton and the staff at UNSW for organising this informative and enjoyable day!