04 November 2016 Dasaradh Kodali   | News | Year 10  
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On 26th October of 2016 a group of students including myself have taken the opportunity to visit Western Sydney University and have an experience of what university life was like.

Everyone had acted very responsibly and represented the bushy body spirit throughout the day despite the fact we were unsupervised. It wasn’t only us but there were several hundreds of students from other schools who also attended the event.

Thanks to Mrs. Anton who had presented us with this fantastic opportunity we have had a great day and learnt a great deal of knowledge. We started of the day a bit late however. The driver wanted all the students to be safe on the motor way through the heavy traffic. Despite that thanks to him we reached the venue safely without a scratch.

WSU seemed to become worried as we were not there on time and slightly became impatient. However, we jumped into the back of the lecture room where we were given a chance to absorb the environment that the University offers. Having that happen we also were shown the structure that students would study with. I can say without a doubt there were several people interested when we heard you don’t have do five days on Uni they could only do 2. 

After the introduction lecture, we were essentially given freedom and allowed to go out into the campus where there are several rooms representing for different subjects. Personally, I attended the Engineering and also Medical Science lectures as I aim to become a biomedical engineer. A great deal of the 24 boys seemed to also have attended Engineering lectures.

After all that we were all treated with free lunch and a drink. All the people had a great meal and some even bought lunch at the cafes. Some even met people they knew during the lunch break. 

As a final lecture, we attended the Science lecture where Shamik and I myself were picked to assist with the demonstration in front of everyone. We all had a great laugh, did some explosive demonstrations that were safe and were on our way back home.

The bus trip seemed to be more fun than the whole day and many had stories to share and to also reflect on the knowledge they gain.