28 October 2016 Cheiban Elaro   | News | Year 08  
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Homebush Boys’ Year 8 debating team excelled in this year’s Premiers Debating Competition. The team reached the regional quarter finals through sheer hard work and great team work.

The team, Timothy Choong (first speaker), Nabeel Rana (second speaker), Shivam Bhonsel (third speaker) and David Li (team advisor), developed strong team dynamics which helped them overcome several strong debating teams.

Two members of the team started debating in Year 7. The team captain, Shivam Bhonsel, reflected, “We enjoyed the competition, improved with every debate and had lots of fun along the way.”

The team defeated Strathfield Girls, Holroyd High and our own Homebush Year 7s. That pitted us against Parramatta High in the quarter-finals. It was probably our best debate as a team and we were outscored very narrowly by a strong opposition.

All in all, it was a very rewarding season for the 4 young men, who have developed their debating and organisational skills well. They will be even more formidable in next year’s competition. Well done, boys, and thanks for all your efforts in debating this year.

Mr Elaro,