17 October 2016 Phirum De Michiel   | News | Year 12  
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Congratulations to all the Prefects of 2016-2017. The student leaders have worked hard in their academic, sports, creative activities, outdoor education, responsibility in school and service learning. Furthermore, they have demonstrated excellence in their role of being responsible global citizens in wearing their school uniform with pride and taking responsibility for or showing leadership and initiative in various school functions. Therefore, popularity is not a criteria used to be elected as student leaders. The Prefects have been selected in a fair democratic election process by their peers and teachers because of the special qualities that they have demonstrated in their positive interactions with the rest of the school community. For example, Zaki Ousmand, the School Captain, is a considerate and respectful student. He is kind and compassionate towards his teachers and fellow students. For the first time at HBHS, we have a School Captain who can sing, dance and play musical instruments as well as chairing a formal school assembly. Ibrahim Taha, the Vice School Captain, is friendly, ever joyful and a confident communicator. He is a hardworking student whom all students can turn to if they want some study tips. Levi Anderson-Foster, the Senior Prefect, is creative and a motivator of the Prefect team. He has broad shoulders that all students can cry on when they need a friend.

The other Prefect team members who are just as wonderful are: Wilfred Knight, if HBHS is Camelot, then Wilfred, would be the perfect Knight of Camelot. He possesses a strong knightly sense of duty and morality. He is emotionally resilient and chivalrous in all his dealings with his teachers and fellow students. Peter Koungoulos and Ruben James are courageous like lions. They are great communicators yet at the same time, they have the wonderful ability to listen. Jeff Chen is a logical person who always sees the silver lining in every dark cloud. Nicholas Ngo has a strong will to succeed in all areas of his schooling career but at the same time, he leads a balanced life.  Matthew Wong is the problem solver of the Prefect team as he practised the ancient Chinese energy of Ying and Yang. Lincoln Dale’s strength is his ability to work productively in a team as he is also a great communicator. Denis Mulya is wise and knowledgeable as he knows that teamwork is the best way for the Prefect team to work together to achieve their goals. Ryan Wu’s and Mohamed Farroukh’s positive energy will always bring a smile to those who have the pleasure of being in their company. Mohamed Elakras’ endurance and stamina will bring success to all the prefects endeavours and work for HBHS. The Prefects and HBHS are very fortunate to have Subbiah Surendran, Jayanth Kumaralingam and Srihari Nair on their team because all teamwork requires logical, quick thinkers, analytical and problem solvers in order to succeed. Kendyll Vati and Adam Yau, you keep the group dynamic and down to Earth with your modesty and honesty.

May your many initiatives in serving HBHS be fruitful, successful and beneficial to yourself and the HBHS community. Congratulations to you all for being chosen as the Prefects of 2016-2017 at HBHS.

Ms Phirum De Michiel

Prefect Coordinator