22 September 2016 Divik Nigam   | News | Year 12  
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In their final year the Visual Arts and Music year 12 students have worked tirelessly on their HSC Body of Works and Musical items.

On the night of September 3 - CAPA Night, the teachers and students were delighted to showcase their Body of Works to over 80 individuals, including parents, students, friends, teachers and even other staff members from other schools. Having presented and performed such amazing artworks and musical pieces, our Year 12s were shown support and encouragement as well as offered best wishes for their upcoming HSC examinations.

This amazing night was made better with the Year 12 music students performing their musical pieces which they will present for the HSC. Once again, it was the Bushie Boys' and Bushie Teachers’ pleasure to announce that they received a great deal of positive feedback regarding the high standard of both Music performances and Visual Arts - Body of Works.

All CAPA faculty members were present along with Mr Kennedy (H.B.H.S Principal), as well as other staff members from other faculties.

All in all, CAPA night was fantastic, and could not have been 'orchestrated' without the vibrant Body of Works and the melodious sounds of various Musical items.

I would like to thank Mr Attwood, the coordinator of this amazing night, the parents, friends, teachers, students and family member who attended and of course, the Year 12 Visual Arts and Music students.

On behalf of H.B.H.S,
I wish Year 12 (Class of 2016), best of luck with their HSC exams and all future endeavours.

Divik Nigam,
Senior Reporter, Journalism Club.