12 September 2016 Phirum De Michiel   | News | Year 10  
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We’re celebrating Australian Business Week during Week 8, Term 4. The program involves a group of Year 10 students in a business simulation program over a one week period. This year, we’re running the ABW program in conjunction with Strathfield Girls High School. Various parts of the program will be held at: Strathfield Girls High School. The program will be held in Week 8, Term 4: Monday 28th Nov to Friday 2nd Dec 2016. Please note that due to limited space available at Strathfield Girls High School’s hall, only 50 boys from Homebush Boys High School can participate in the program.

The ABW program is designed to encourage independent and cooperative learning skills, and to develop an enterprise mindset prior to proceeding to further study or entering the workforce. It exposes students to coping with deadlines and developing effective time management, both major issues that impact on students in the Preliminary and HSC years of high school as well as in the workplace.

How does the ABW School Program work?

Participating students are divided into teams of about 12 and spend the five days together running a hospitality business. During these five days, in your team, you will:-

  • Manage a business through computer simulation
  • Learn from guest speakers from business and the community
  • Create a video and trade display to advertise your product
  • Give a verbal and written report of the week’s activities
  • Interact with business people and teachers as facilitators

On the last day there is a trade display of all the companies’ new products and presentations to shareholders. The students’ work is judged by representatives from various businesses.  

What Does it Cost?

Our school has undertaken to provide a subsidy for the cost of the ABW program, which reduces the amount per student to $55.

This represents very good value for a five day package. Students have access to a highly refined educational program, mentors and a computer simulation program. This amount covers our payment to ABW Enterprise Education, student manuals, computer software, printing and other items.

Numbers are limited. Please pay the $55 registration fee to the front office and return the permission slip to the box in the Social Sciences Faculty by Friday 14th October, 2016.