09 August 2016 Abderrahim Abbou   | News | Year 09   Year 10   Community  
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Homebush Boys is looking to support the strengthening of relationships not only between our boys and their fathers, but also between their fathers and the school.

We are holding an introductory event that will be a pre-cursor to a more extensive program for the future.

What: An evening of welcoming our fathers into the school community
When: Thursday 11th August 2016 – 6pm
Where: Homebush Boys High School hall
Who: Fathers and father-figures (uncles, grandfathers, older brothers) of our year 9 and 10 students
Cost: Free

The evening will comprise of guest speakers from a variety of cultural backgrounds and will be followed with refreshments. The evening will provide you with an opportunity to make a connection with the school away from the regular meetings.

A strong relationship between a young male and his father (or significant father-figure) can deliver massive benefits to a young man’s life.

Having someone that shows they are interested in what the young man is doing, helps celebrates his successes and supports him in times of need builds resilience that will last a lifetime. The benefits to their social health are numerous. Knowing how to behave in particular instances and having someone to turn to when unsure will help a young man through situations that may otherwise end in embarrassment or heartache.

Furthermore, a sense of belonging to the school and a strong relationship between school and home increase the chances of schooling success. Communication and support will ensure that our young men don’t feel as though they are navigating solo through school.