18 July 2016 Kamie Khurshed   | News | Year 12  
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A message from Mr Daniel Lees and family:

Thanks to all of the Homebush Boys students and staff who attended or who offered their support for Adam Lees.

It was a special moment to see all of his peers on his final celebration.

Please ask all students to stay safe and to strive to achieve there goals and dreams..... While having fun !!

Thank you for everything from the entire Lees family.

Adam died unexpectedly on 16th June, 2016 at the tender age of 17.

Adam was a “former” Year 12 student leaving school early 2016 to pursue a trade.

Adam was an avid lover of sports and during his young life he had played in a range of sports. He was naturally athletic and he excelled in the areas he was devoted to. Adam was rarely seen without a football in his hands. His greatest love and commitment was Touch Football. As an aspiring elite junior player Adam was recently chosen in the New South Wales 18 years squad. He had been a member of Western Suburbs Touch and he could be seen braving the cold nights of the winter season running around with his beloved Wests. Adam’s love for the game extended to his assistance with the Scotland team in last year’s World Cup.

Adam’s other love was the Parramatta rugby league team. He was forever spruiking about how they will rise again and win a comp.

And yes there was his Homebush Boys High School rugby. Every Wednesday for First Grade Adam would be marshalling the troops and urging on his team by leading from the front or sending those 20 metre plus bullet like passes to support.

Adam enjoyed all aspects of his schooling. He was always cheerful and cheeky and well respected among his peers. He was always thinking of something fun to do and there were moments where he realized he had to do some serious work! Who could forget Adam’s impersonation of the UFC fighter Conor Mc Gregor?

Adam’s personality reached out to all ages. Often junior students would come to seek advice and want to just hang around. His energy and infectious spirit spilled out across the school.

The whole school community is saddened by Adam’s passing.

Adam Lees will always be a “Bushy Boy.”