20 June 2016 Omar Charif   | News | Year 12  
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On Wednesday the 18th of May a group of students, myself included went to the University of New South Wales to attend a high school information day for Engineering. It introduced us students to the university as well as the Engineering faculty and informed us about the different aspects of engineering and the work they perform. We weren’t the only students there. Students from different schools across Sydney attended, it was a great way to socialise and meet new people, with an interest similar to our own.
The day started with an introduction from some of the staff members from the engineering faculty. They provided us with an introduction to engineering, and the common job that every engineer must do. It is to identify the problem, and come up with a solution. The staff told us what it takes to become an engineer, no matter what type you must be a thinker. And how engineers are shaping the future by applying their skills to almost everything you can think of, from medicine to renewable energy, food technologies to sustainable mining.
After the introduction, we were then sent off to the first workshop we chose. For me this was civil engineering, as it has my greatest interest. We were first introduced to the civil engineering course and what the students are expected to learn, as well as the jobs available to civil engineers after university. After that we were set a task, to build a small 25cm long bridge made out of thin wood, nails and string. The group with the bridge that was able to carry the most weight but at the same time not be too heavy would win. I am proud to say that my group was one of the best performing on the day with one of the best load to weight ratios on the day. This practical was a great eye opener to what civil engineering really is, as it involved many problems we had to overcome. Including, how the bridge would be reinforced as well as with what design we would approach this project with. It was a great introduction to civil engineering and one of my favourite workshops on the day.
When everyone finished from their workshops we were offered morning tea. Ranging from cupcakes, fresh fruit and a variety of juices. This was then followed by the second workshop, mine was chemical engineering. This was great as we were introduced to a few of their initiatives as well as being able to play with some of their toy cars displaying the changes in the energy that take place. After the second workshop lunch was served catering for all. Halal hot dogs were available as well as vegetarian alternatives. The food was great as well as the socialising that took place at lunch. 
Overall the day gave us students a great insight to what engineering is really all about, as well as what a great university UNSW really is. It also helped many students make a decision on what they want to pursue after they finish school as well as make lifelong friends.
Omar Charif
Year 12