16 June 2016 Kevin Kadamani   | News | Extra-Curricular  
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On Monday, 2 May, Homebush Boys Interactors had the opportunity to attend the Interact Conference at the Aerial Function Centre, UTS Ultimo. This event allowed myself and fellow attendees to forge connections with other Interact Clubs from across the Western Sydney Region through. This opportunity to ‘interact’ with other clubs gave us an incredible insight into Club and event management. The congregation of Interact Clubs allowed for discussion into fundraising schemes and their effectiveness.

The Interact Conference also hosted an array of inspirational speakers from all walks of life who shared their experiences and journey to success. The wealth of knowledge shared by these speakers has been integral to recent developments in the Homebush Boys Interact Club. Overall, the Interact Conference was an immense success in terms of forming a network between the Interact Clubs and also in the growth of the Homebush Boys Interact Club.

The following students attended the Interact Conference:-
  • Kevin Kadamani
  • Fawad Faheem
  • Subbiah Surendran
  • Vineel Repaka
  • Nicholas Li
  • Puneeth Kambhampati



Kevin Kadamani
Interact Club
Homebush Boys High School