08 June 2016 Kaya Bremner   | News | Sports  
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The stands of the Sydney Olympic park athletics centre were once again filled with eager students and competitors itching to see who the fastest in their year group was. The day began with hurdles which never fails to entertain the crowd, and throughout the day track and field events continued.

All students once again had the opportunity to use state of the art facilities on the track used by Olympians during the Sydney Olympics. The tradition of a year 12 dress up saw the arrival of a few animal onesies, a few people even claimed to have seen the Flash and an army of Spartan soldiers arrived and demonstrated how to throw a javelin.

By the end of the day we had seen photo finishes, tie breaking jumps and throws which were so close winners had to be determined by another throw as each sport house cheered their teammates on from the grandstand. A big thanks to the Olympic park staff, HBHS staff and the boys from sports coaching who were a massive help on the day.

Age Champions:

  • 12 Years- Danny Bholm
  • 13 Years- James Wark
  • 14 Years- Min Huh
  • 15 Years- Korhan Sozen
  • 16 Years- Lachlan Beattie
  • 17 Years- Cory-Jnr Sharma-Constance
House Champions:
  • 1/ Vaughan
  • 2/ Howe
  • 3/ Hayes
  • 4/ Greening