30 May 2016 Ibrahim Taha   | News | Year 11  
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On Saturday 21st May, I was selected along with Wilfred Knight and Peter Koungoulos of Year 11 to participate in Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) at NSW Parliament House. It was organised by Rotary. It was an imitation of the real United Nations Assembly. There were 24 teams from different schools, each representing a nation in the world. We had the difficult task of representing the Russian Federation.

We were given actual UN resolutions to debate and vote on. The resolutions were debated and each team had to formulate their allocated country’s stance on each resolution. There were two major resolutions: Status of Refugees and South China Sea. The general resolutions were about accessibility to water and banning plastic bags.

As ‘Russians’, we attempted to resemble the Russian tradition of the colour red as our theme. The debate was conducted with each nation arguing for their approval or disapproval of the resolutions and attacking each other through a series of rebuts. As Russia, we had fun attacking our enemies: America, UK, France and Germany (basically the West). The Chinese comrades were a major ally of Russia and we got along with them.

Wilfred spoke about Russia’s stance on refugees and argued that America should increase their refugee intake. Peter spoke passionately about making water accessible to all people and explained Russia’s disapproval of banning plastic bags. I spoke in defence of China’s presence in the South China Sea dispute. I labelled America as a “bully”. The speaker was not pleased with that remark and forced me to withdraw. Although the China team did not mind it. The debates were fierce and entertaining.

Unfortunately, we did not take home the best dressed award, however we made friends and had a wonderful experience. It helped us with developing more confidence and become aware of the global issues of our current time. Mr Elaro was a supportive member of the audience and kept motivating us to perform and excel. We also are deeply grateful to, and appreciative of, Strathfield Rotary Club who were our sponsors and supporter in MUNA. A special thanks to Allan Petersen, the president of Strathfield Rotary, for supporting us through the whole process and on the day. We appreciate the whole experience and thank Mr Elaro for giving Wilfred, Peter and myself the opportunity to participate in MUNA NSW.

Ibrahim Taha
Year 11

Editor’s Note: Ibrahim is very humble! He was recognised for his outstanding speaking skills, along with two others, with a high commendation certificate.