04 May 2016 Abderrahim Abbou   | News | Year 09  
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I would like to thank all year 9 students for a smooth start to the 2016 school year. Term 1 was an excellent beginning step in the students’ 5th stage of schooling and the year is shaping up to be a very exciting one, full of challenges for both the students and their parents.

At the beginning of the year, the students tried to establish good habits. These habits will pave the path of success, both throughout this year, and for the future. I would like, through this message, to reinforce the benefits of these habits, and hope that you all continue to display them.

Regarding school uniform, most Year 9 students are adhering to these requirements. Just a reminder about footwear - it is a requirement that students wear covered, leather footwear at all times especially in Science, Hospitality and Technology. This is for students’ safety and protection, and in compliance with Work, Health and Safety practices. Students wearing inappropriate school uniform will be noted, and this could impact on their Good Standing. Please ensure that you only wear sport uniform only when required.
A School Diary is important in school organization and is given when fees are paid. The diary is essential for recording homework and assessment tasks. Parents should be checking the diary weekly and signing where required.

This year quality academic and whole school programs have been run which include:

  • The anti-bullying program taught through PDHPE and run as a campaign at our school by the Head Teacher Student Wellbeing. The aim at Homebush Boys is to provide an environment free of all forms of bullying and harassment. Programs have been established to assist in achieving this goal. If a student feels that he is being bullied or harassed by another student, he should report the incident to his Year Adviser or the Deputy Principal so that this situation can be assessed and addressed.
  • The students have also been introduced to School to Work Program in week 10. It is designed to assist students in planning and managing their transitions to a range of post-school education, training and employment options.
  • Swimming Carnival organised during week 4 has allowed students to compete in their age groups and display their outstanding swimming skills.
  • Music Camp was a great opportunity for a group of students to prepare for our annual Music events. It is also an opportunity for the students to enjoy three days of intensive music training across all year levels.
  • Community engagement was the main theme of our Term 1 assembly. Our guest speaker spoke about the importance of strong partnerships between schools, its teachers, parents and community members in making a positive contribution to student learning. The quality of these relationships will determine the quality of the learning.
  • Meals on Wheels and Breakfast Club are programs run by our school respectively on Thursday and Friday of every week. The aim is to get students engaged with their community.
  • Food Technology students enjoyed a trip to Sydney Tower. This excursion is an integral part of the school curriculum and considered to be a valuable enrichment experience for the students. It was a lovely day out for students giving them an insight into how a commercial business operates, from production to plate.

I look forward to seeing you all start the second term on a positive note and I am sure that you will all work well to reach your endeavours. The NAPLAN test (week 3) will be your first task this term, and a great opportunity to display your best achievements. Be prepared and motivated to work to your full potential and strive to make Term 2 better than your previous term.
I invite parents and carers to contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Kind Regards,

Abderrahim Abbou
Year 9 Adviser