27 April 2016 James and Charlie   | News | Extra-Curricular  
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On Tuesday the 5th of April, Charlie Mclean and James Smith of Year 9 attended an ANZAC Day service at Hyde Park in the City to partake in the event alongside 70 other Primary and Private schools. James and Charlie were representing both Homebush Boys High School and the Public High Schools in NSW. Here is their recount.

We arrived at the ceremony and met with the organiser to discuss what we had to do. We were introduced to many people, some new faces and some old. Our main duties were to hand out service guides along with a Golden Star. Each star had the name of a fallen ANZAC soldier and their platoon. There were upwards of around 500 students attending the ceremony. After we finished handing out the guides and the stars, the ceremony began.

During the ceremony we listened to a series of renditions of famous poems from World War I, sung by the St. Andrew's Cathedral School choir.The Australian Army cadets were also in attendance and performed a series of marches and salutes. As well as this there were speakers from a variety of different associations and schools including the president of the Returned Services League (RSL).

The ceremony finished with the laying of the wreaths from both the official party and the schools in attendance. Following the conclusion of the ceremony, everyone was invited to drop a gold star inscribed with the name of a fallen ANZAC into the Pool of Retrospection. During this time we all reflected on the brave sacrifice of the ANZACS and how important it is so acknowledge their efforts without glorifying war.

Overall, it was a great privilege and an honour to represent public high schools in
NSW at the annual ANZAC Commemoration Service.