31 March 2016 Georgia Anton   | News | Year 12  
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Last term a few senior boys had the privilege of attending a workshop hosted by the WSU on our impacts as individuals on the society. The workshop was aimed at building our skills, as young individuals, in taking initiative and working towards the welfare of our society. They had offered several workshops for the categories . It was truly inspirational to hear from students in WSU who had brought change to the broader community through their initiative and hard work. The boys who attended the event had definitely taken back invaluable lessons and experiences at the end of the day.

I have also been granted the opportunity to attend WSU through the Academic Access Award and a scholarship of $20,000. WSU held an afternoon tea orientation for me and several other students, from schools all over the city, who had been awarded the same scholarship on academic merit to welcome us into the program. It was an informative afternoon where we were briefed in on WSU’s history and future plans on developing students in regards of success and impact on the society. It was also a pleasure meeting the head of the university, Prof. James Arvanitakis, and discussing the prospects of Homebush Boys working with WSU faculties in promoting societal welfare. Ultimately, I am thankful of the innovative steps WSU is taking to provide students with a better community and education opportunities.