03 February 2016 Abderrahim Abbou   | News | Year 08  
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What a year it has been! I’d like to congratulate everyone, staff, students and community members for a year that has definitely highlighted the potential of the year 8 cohort 2015.
It has been an absolute honour and privilege to lead this fantastic group of young men. It was a great opportunity for me to witness the growth and maturity of these students. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year as year advisor at Homebush Boys, and have found the school to be an energetic and busy place full of optimism, providing the best opportunities for the students to excel academically, socially and athletically.

2015 allowed the students to enjoy a wide range of experimental learning activities such as the Canberra Science excursion, the Luna Park visit, the Geography excursion visiting IMAX as well as the Sydney Wildlife Reserve, Inquisitive minds for a group of students challenged with mathematics activities, the Korean Immersion Day and the exciting visit to Paris International Cooking School in Stanmore and much more. One of the greatest highlights of the year was the debating team, who became the Western Sydney champions. They were undefeated in 7 debates against schools that stretch from the vicinity of our school all the way to the Blue Mountains. Congratulations to the students who participated. You surely made our school community proud!

Another milestone of 2015 was the success of two year 8 students, James Smith and Leon Burfield, whose artworks were selected from the Operation Art exhibition to be displayed at the AGNSW early next year.

As well as these achievements, the high achievers of the year 8 cohort have been acknowledged for their outstanding results, and for some, their excellent improvements throughout the year.

One of the greatest highlights of this year was the fundraiser initiative for Arjun Luckshman.
A group of dedicated students with teachers visited Arjun at his home to present him with the gifts that were bought with the money raised from the last year 8 assembly. My sincerest gratitude goes to the boys who helped make this project a success, as well the year 8 cohort who have shown high spirits and utmost generosity.

Year 8 students: The diversity of your interests and abilities is remarkable and I am confident that you will manage well all the challenges that your future may hold. Be strong, resilient and take initiative.

Finally, I’d like to thank the teachers who have worked extremely hard with my group, as well as the parents and caregivers for their support throughout the year.

Abderrahim Abbou
Year 8 Adviser