14 December 2015 Ibrahim Taha   | News | Extra-Curricular  
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JDI was fortunate to do work experience in the office of Jihad Dib MP for Lakemba. With only two staff and a large electorate to represent, I understood the busy schedule of a politician.

I was able to travel with him in the car to events, answer long phone calls, sit in private meetings, listen during live radio interviews and saw constituents complain to him with all their problems even a tiny parking fine. No matter how small the issue, he always gave time to solve it.

JD InterviewSome of the advice he gave me was to always set the highest possible standard, give time to people and lend a helping hand whenever. I found that the real pleasure of the job, was not having your name and face everywhere. It was witnessing the smile on the faces of people whose problems and concerns have been dealt with and resolved. I was treated really well, and had an exciting time. Throughout my week of work experience, I learned a lot about the life of a politician and what is required to be an effective employee. I highly recommend that students participate in the work experience program and would like to thank Jihad Dib and his staff in the electorate office. Furthermore, I would like to thank Mrs Anton and the staff at Homebush Boys High School for encouraging us to be part of this great and worthwhile program.