02 December 2015 Ginette Ball   | News | Year 07  
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Exploring the Neverending Story with ChessMs. Ball’s Year 7 English Gifted and Talented Program
This term 7A English, under the guidance of Ms. Ball, have been working on an innovative unit of work geared toward Gifted and talented students. The unit of work was centred on the Fantasy Genre and had students choose and critically explore their own text and had them utilise a variety of different strategies that were provided.

The unit focussed on each student developing their ability to independently explore and discover strategies that suited their own learning style and apply them to their process of navigating the text. Students were encouraged to research and choose areas of focus within their text that dealt with such high order aspects of the genre as character and thematic archetypes. The beauty of this task was that it enabled intelligent students to explore ideas in both a critical and creative way. Individual conferences with Ms. Ball developed verbal skills as well as facilitated sophisticated discussions and nurtured inspirational ideas. The quality and sophistication of the final assignments are testament to the drive and dedication of the students to commit to this new learning style.

Main Picture: Timothy cleverly used the game of chess to metaphorically represent the archetypal character roles in Michael Ende’s novel,’ The Neverending Story’. For his creative task, he manifested the metaphor by creating his own Chess set.

Harry Potter Character Development

Raymond musically interpreted character development throughout Harry Potter, composing music on his guitar and aligning it with a visual montage.

Magicians Nephew

Harshil created a haunting video trailer to promote the classic novel, ‘The Magician’s Nephew’, C.S.Lewis

Character Traits in the Maze Runner

Josh's artwork revolved creatively around incorporating character traits and archetypes into the artistic representation of each character in James Dashner’s novel, ‘Maze Runner’.