12 November 2015 Ibrahim Taha   | News | Extra-Curricular  
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Global DignityOn Friday 23/10/2015, I had the privilege of travelling to the NSW Parliament for Global Dignity Day, with Amaan Ansari.

Global Dignity Day is an international event founded in 2006 by young global leaders. Global Dignity Day is recognition of our dignity, which is the foundation of our humanity.

The day began with a keynote address from former High Court judge, Hon Michael Kirby. He spoke to year 10 high school students from across the state about the battle to achieve full rights and dignity in Australia, ranging from Women’s rights to Indigenous rights, refugees, racism and bullying. His speech was inspirational. He told us that we all have the real opportunity to build a country that ensures dignity and equality of all people.

We formed into small groups and further discussed personal experiences of dignity. Then we all gathered to report back our answers. The day ended with motivational videos and a good lunch.

Laws can be unjust, and inequality widespread. However, by world standards, Australia is a great country and we must commit ourselves to equality and respect of all people in public, at home and in school. From hearing all the sad experiences of indignity from other students, I walked out with pride knowing Homebush Boys is an open, inclusive multicultural high school that acknowledges the dignity of everyone.

Ibrahim Taha (Year 10)