09 October 2015 Abbou Abderrahim   | News | Year 08  
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Term 3 Yr 8 Report

It has been another fantastic term for our students both inside and outside the classroom at Homebush Boys High School. Our Year 8 students are now firmly integrated into the Homebush team and have involved themselves in all areas of school life.

We’ve clarified the expectations regarding uniform in Term 3 assembly and our students are responding magnificently. There has been a noticeable improvement in how consistently smart and professional our students are presenting themselves. They continue to be superb ambassadors for our school. We are also very grateful for the ongoing support that you as parents / carers provide.

The school is active in encouraging and supporting students’ efforts and recognising their achievements. Teachers do this through providing feedback to students for the coursework they attempt and complete, affixing stickers to the work, and also through the school’s Merit Award system. In addition, as a year adviser, I’ve been encouraging students to be on the nominated list submitted by their teachers each week for the student of the week.

Year 8 enjoyed many interesting presentations at the end of term 3 assembly

  • they heard about establishing good habits in class and on the playground
  • a group of students were rewarded certificates for their 100% attendance
  • many thanks to Mrs Zammit and her Italian andFrench classes, who enlightened us with their receptive and expressive language skills
  • I would like to show my appreciation to Sean Mansfield,Marcus Ngo and Maaz Iqbaon their outstanding presentation of Safety Learning and Respect matrix. Students need to observe and implement these behaviours at school on a daily basis

We also enjoyed a wonderful talk by Mr Emad Elkeir - the community engagement coordinator from GWS Giants. He spoke about embracing the opportunities you have been given by your parents and school community.

“What man is a man if he does not make the world a better place?”


“Every action that I do creates opportunities for myself. If we don’t learn together then we fail together.”

During this term, the students were required to choose their subjects for next year. They have been notified that classes will be released in the coming weeks. The Canberra Science excursion was an event, a highlight of Term 3 for some of our students. In addition to this, the students were given an opportunity to visit Luna Park. They found this exhilarating and an experience of a lifetime.

Boys, you will constantly encounter opportunities to develop your talents and interests. Each of you will be guided, encouraged and challenged to develop the knowledge, skills and feelings needed for fulfilling a teenage life. Continue to be involved in what this school has to offer.

In summation, I’d like to thank all teachers, parents and students for their help and cooperation throughout the term.


Mr. A.Abbou

Year 8 Adviser