03 September 2015 Georgia Anton   | News | Year 10  
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Meadowbank tafe tour 1On Thursday the 20th August Mr. Carrozza and I escorted a group of Year 10 students to Meadowbank TAFE.

Upon arrival the students had a little bit of time to get something for morning tea and kick a ball. This was followed by a warm welcoming presentation by Helen Mcnamee who informed the students about various options that they could pursue post school such as Apprenticeships, Traineeships, SBATs, Diplomas and many others. The students were enthusiastic and asked all sorts of interesting questions. From there, the Head Teacher of Carpentry presented on courses available, career paths and expectations of this industry. It was great to see some of the work that their students do as well as catch up with a former one of ours.

Meadowbank Tafe Tour 2The batten was then passed onto the Plumbing Head Teacher who also displayed his talents in this field and the students got to experience some of the equipment used in this area. From there we got to see the “Sparkies” at work and once again the students were in their element.

Finally, we ended up at the Gym where the students were fortunate to use some of the equipment there whilst discussing career options in the sporting arena.

Although, the students were initially apprehensive as they did not know what to expect they ended up being pleasantly surprised with everything that they ended up with on the day. As they had a better insight of what it was that they wanted to do and what it would involve as well as a bag of goodies from Meadowbank TAFE. The boys were also impressed with the campus and what it had to offer, although over whelmed by all of the walking that they ended up doing.

Meadowbank Tafe Tour 3The day was a huge success and this was a result of many people assisting such as Daniel Carrozza, the Year Adviser, Dounya Fattouh the boys’ Maths Teacher and of course the staff at Meadowbank TAFE who enthusiastically engaged our students in a multitude of activities. My gratitude goes out to all of those people and others behind the scenes that do whatever they can to support the boys education.

Finally it would be dismissive of me not to mention how well behaved and enthusiastic our students were on the day. We all enjoyed this day as it allowed us to tap into what it was that the boys wanted to do in an Adult Learning Environment that was very welcoming.

Georgia Anton

Career Adviser